i always love what black-le posts, but her two most recent ones blew me away! check them out here and here

and have you checked out typicalsugar yet?click to get your fill of typicalsimblr + sugarballoon! your fave simblrs amirite or amirite? ;) ♥


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OMG AHFDSLG RLY?? YOU’RE ASKING ME FOR TIPS??!!! wow i’m so honored thank you ;u;
and i know i’ve said this before but srsly, i have no idea what i’m doing T^T also, this is just my way of doing things and is probably not the best way to do them.. you have been warned! ;)
1. I use the filter Gaussian Blur to blur my photos! I’ve used lens blur once or twice, but (since that one is so confusing with all dem options) i mostly stick to Gaussian Blur~

2. The radius I use on the filter differs from photo to photo, but I think it usually ranges from 4~7.

3. To ‘unblur’ certain parts of the photo, I use a Layer Mask. I love using layer masks man. I probs use them more than I should xD

4. Just in case you’re curious, on my ‘introduction’ type photo in a lot of posts where it’s really blurry and it says the title? The radius is usually 22~24.

5. Bonus! Since I always love seeing before and after photos, I thought I’d do one… Except it’s more of a step by step thing? Bah. Who cares about technicalities. Just enjoy~ ;)

Hope this was helpful even in a small way, nonny! Although, they’re not really ‘tips’ per se, but a ‘how i do things’.. but then again! Bah! semantics. ;) Good luck on your edits hon~!! ♥

OMG AHFDSLG RLY?? YOU’RE ASKING ME FOR TIPS??!!! wow i’m so honored thank you ;u;

and i know i’ve said this before but srsly, i have no idea what i’m doing T^T also, this is just my way of doing things and is probably not the best way to do them.. you have been warned! ;)


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T  i  M  E  R

You play as Eris, who’s little sister, Maia, goes missing. She begins her journey with the simple aim to take back her sister, but finds herself in the middle of a chaotic mess, entangled with TYPHON, a major corporation, and their new project: the Timers.

part 1 | part 2 » (coming out soon?)

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Anonymous — Could you share some of the poses you use for your pictures? Pretty pleaaase

AFHSDKLG EHHHHHH well… i was hoping that the pose pack i uploaded a couple months ago would be my last…. but since you asked so nicely, how can i say no? ;D (srsly tho, i melted a lil with the ‘pretty pls’ heheh >3<)

but would you mind telling me which poses you want? direct me to the posts? because i have no clue T^T

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Anonymous — How do you edit your pics? I love your stylee❤️

it’s a mix of a lot of cheap alcohol, some chocolate, few candy bars, and lots and LOTS of pizza.

and maybe a little photoshop ;)

btw THANK YOU SO SO MUCH NONNY for making my day and bringing a smile to my face! ;u; ILY~♥


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Anonymous — you are so helpful and caring with nonnys, I appreciate it. Love you.>▽<

NUUUUU NO IM NOT if it seems that way, it’s because the nonnies i get are super lovely and just so goddamned nice! i’m so grateful! thank you all my nonnies, and thank YOUUU specifically for this wondeful msg! AND I LOVE YOU TOO ♥♥♥


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Anonymous — You're the nicest and coolest person i've ever seen on tumblr. I also absolutely adore your sims thery're like perfect oh my god. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖



i melted into a pile of goo cuz U R WAY TOO NICE NONNY ;3; YOU must be the nicest+coolest person on tumblr! but let me keep you in my ever so slowly growing pile of collection of way too nice ppl who i’ve tricked into thinking i’m nice and cool ok? ;) pleaaase? ♥

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Anonymous — your sim editorial-style pictures are simply stunning. like dizzyingly lovely :)



thank you so much for this super duper nice message! and omg ‘dizzingly lovely’? THAT’S TOO CUTE NONNY U R SUCH A CUTIE ♥ can i keep you in my pocket so u can teach me more adorable phrases? ;)

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Anonymous — ~ dont mind me, im just some anon who likes the songs in your blog (◡‿◡✿) hehe

I KNEW IT. you guys are just using me for my playlist aren’t you? T^T

but idc really cuz ashdjklgfsd YAY NONNY LET’S ENJOY GOOD MUSIC TOGETHER ♥


it makes me all gooey inside knowing ppl chill with my blog open! so THANK YOU SO MUCH for this lovely msg >3<~!!!

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Antonia for Casualwear Summer: Extra
she looks like she&#8217;s got some weird warpaint on her face but it&#8217;s actually the game&#8217;s shadow/lighting from the trees or something ;A;
Antonia for Casualwear Summer: Extra

she looks like she’s got some weird warpaint on her face but it’s actually the game’s shadow/lighting from the trees or something ;A;

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Anonymous — my routine is like: i wake up, brush my teeth, take a bath, open Typical Simblr and listen to her playlist oKAY I BLAME IT ALL ON YOU WAIT FOR MY REVENGE LOL XD



…but before ur revenge can i hug u and say thank you? because this made me laugh and we have the same music taste and just ahsdjgkKF I THINK LOVE YOU ♥

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Anonymous — OMG WHERE DO YOU GET THOSE EYEBROWS LIKE IN HERE /post/81876568575/super-casual-by-casualwear-she-cut-her-hair-and IT IS TOO GOOD OH MY GOD



IKR I LOVE THESE EYEBROWS AND ALL THE OTHER EYEBROWS IN THE HIGH BROW PACK BY BRNTWAFFLES THEY ARE ALL SO PERF. in fact, most of my female sims use eyebrows from this pack! if you’re curious about the specific one - in the picture above, my sim is using the ‘jessica brows’. go download all dem too good brows my dear enthusiastic nonny! ♥

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beautiful sims/sim bases by: coercere, noviebird, sugarballoon (& meeee)

it is so HOT i’m DYING someone send help

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